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Work with individuals and with couples, people who want my help for all kinds of reasons, which mostly have to do with having lost their way in looking for personal fulfillment and some measure of content- ment in the work they do and the relationships they have with their partners, with other family members and with their children, friends, fellow-workers and others.

These people are often suffering; they not only feel deeply and painfully frustrated, disappointed, per- plexed, puzzled and bewildered, at a loss for understanding what has gone wrong and what to do to put things right.

The couple and I work together exploring the relationship empathically and sympathetically in a compassionate yet serious atmosphere, while drawing on the knowledge and expertise developed during the past fifty years or more by specialists in the field of marital studies and other areas of human psychology.

In working together, when working with couples, we cover conflict resolution, better communication skills (learning to communicate more effectively), intimacy issues, parenting and step parenting, empty nest concerns, and caring for aging parents. I also work with individuals and couples dealing with major transitions in their lives, such as divorce, separation, relocation, remarriage, or a death in the family. As well as being an AAMFT Clinical Member, I am affiliated with The Postgraduate Center for Mental Health, The National